Recess Japan Lives!!!

Arigato!Arigato! I am very excited to announce some actual Recess Japan releases! Well, to be fair, they are the result of Jin & Fumi’s blood and sweat via their label Underground Government. My original idea for Recess Japan was to just put out Japanese bands (Mainly via downloads)so that my US compadres might wanna check em out. Didnt really pan out that way as there are now physical releases with the fresh RJ logo on em. PLUS theres a band that live 4 hours away from San Pedro on the label! It dont always work out the way you want it but i love it like that. let us go:

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Belly Button-Oops a Daisy! CD
Belly Button-Oops A Daisy! CD
When Belly Button plays America people’s usual response is “ah sweet. How cute!” or something like that. I cant really say that it a bad thing but they are beyond that kinda crap! Now im sure peoples initial reaction to The Sex Pistols were the same but its 2009 folks. lets do this!  


Now if you like The 5678′s, Ramones, Loli & The Chones, Early Muffs then this is calling you like ma does.
1.Come On Hey!
3.Beautiful Johnny
4.One More Chance!
6.New World
7.Weather Report
8.Girl Friend
10.White Man
11.30th Slowdown
12.Girls In Black
13.Walking The Dog


Sanhose-Cicada CD
Surface Area[audio:] 

Our band has played with these awesome catts a few times on our trips to Japan and i cant state properly how bitchin’ of people they are. Hear em now!

The Mapes-S/T CD
The Mapes-S/T CD
Ok Ok i know. These dudes are not Japanese nor are they from Japan. I’m pretty sure they wanna go or already have been but thats besides the point. Jin & Fumi loved Civic Minded 5 and this band has Clay and Jason from CM5 so that might explain things. Does it? Fuck it, they are on Recess Japan and they arent from Japan so there!   


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